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Led by Dr. Sara Boucchechter for the past ten years, the Angel Lopez Clinic delivers a variety of psychological services to individuals, couples and families in the metro Atlanta area with support in English, Spanish, and Sign Language. Dr. Boucchechter and the Angel Lopez Clinic team are passionate about advocating for patients, and the communities from which they hail.

Dr. Boucchechter specializes in crisis intervention and psychological evaluations, particularly for immigration and academic situations.

Her past experience also includes providing evaluations for DFCS (Division of Family and Child Services) cases, worker’s compensation disputes, and personal injury cases. She has worked extensively with children and their families, and is credentialed to conduct psycho-educational evaluations in order to provide the child, their parents and teachers with tools and insight to enhance their learning success.

Real World Crisis Intervention Experience

Dr. Boucchechter has more than 15 years of experience working in crisis events around the world and providing assessment, debriefing, and both immediate and follow-up treatment to the people impacted. She has provided crisis intervention services for:

  • 9/11, 2001 – Delta Air Lines – Crisis Management response team
  • 2000 earthquake in El Salvador
  • 1999 mudslides in Venezuela
  • 1998 Swiss Air 11 crash
  • 1996 – member of the psychologist team – Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games
  • Responded to the Atlanta Olympic Park bombing
  • Provides psychological services to the Atlanta Police Department
  • International consultant to Delta Airlines Critical Incident Response Team

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Meet Dr. Boucchechter

Dr. Sara Boucchechter is a multilingual, licensed clinical psychologist. She earned her undergraduate in Psychology, a Master in Deafness and Counseling, and a Master and Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology.  She attended University of Central Florida, New York University, Forest Institute, and University of Arkansas. 

Dr. Boucchechter is a member of the Georgia Psychological Association, the International Police Psychology Association, and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. These organizations are important to her belief in community engagement and serving people in the areas she lives and works.