Academic Testing

Academic Testing

Support to Help Children and Young Adults Thrive

Angel Lopez Clinic specializes in psychological and neuropsychological evaluations of preschool children, school-age children, and young adults.  Our expertise is in diagnosing problems in reading (dyslexia), language, writing (dysgraphia), math, attention (ADHD), and social-emotional functioning (e.g. anxiety, depression, social skills). Our process often begins with a parent consultation regarding developmental concerns.


Evaluations to document the need for accommodations on standardized tests


Private school admissions testing through JATP


Individual and family therapy for the treatment of anxiety, behavioral issues, and mood disorders

Support for Coping

Coping strategies for anger and frustration, sibling conflict, motivation problems, and adjustment to divorce


We are available to speak to schools and parent groups regarding developmental stages, raising resilient children, ADHD, learning difficulties, use of electronics, and psychological testing.

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