Psychological Evaluations

Psychological Evaluations

Professional, Objective, Meticulous

Psychological evaluations are often required in immigration cases, worker’s compensation disputes, and in cases involving DFCS. The overall goal of an evaluation is to support the case in court, while providing objective, professional feedback.

Psychological Evaluation Types

Educational Evaluations

To assist children in learning and partner with the child’s school in order to provide the best learning pathways

Immigration Evaluations

For immigration waivers, U visa, N648, VAWA (Violence Against Women Act), and for cancellation of removal/deportation

Mental Health Evaluations

To diagnose the presence of any emotional or mental problems, such as autism, and the course of treatment, if any is necessary.

Worker’s Compensation Evaluations

If you are hurt on the job and have an attorney’s referral, Dr. Boucchechter can help you get the medical care you deserve.

Forensic Evaluations

CFCS, court ordered, personal injury

Dr. Bouchechter often works directly with attorneys to support evaluations necessary for a client’s court case. She is also certified to recommend therapy following an evaluation.

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