Immigration evaluations and assessments are used in cases of potential deportation. The assessments can help demonstrate to the court cases of extreme hardship, need for political asylum, and instances of domestic or spousal abuse. 

An immigration evaluation often begins with a discussion with your legal counsel who will advise you and possibly your family to undergo a clinical evaluation. Working the team at Angel Lopez Clinic, the evaluation usually involves detailed interviews over multiple sessions where the immigration case and personal details are discussed. The goal is to learn about topics such as your personal, marital and family history, work situation, and physical and mental health history if they are relevant to your immigration case. 

While the process often starts one-on-one, family members may play an important role in the process as we seek to understand what hardship deportation would cause to the family. 

The professionals at the Angel Lopez Clinic are here to support you during this difficult time. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about immigration evaluations.